After a server crash in spring of 2017, the mathematics department recently migrated our webpages from our own server to the webhosting service of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, which is why this page now has a different format.

My research is in the computation of stable homotopy groups of spheres and the relationships between these stable homotopy groups and special values of L-functions. If you’re at this page, I think there’s a good chance you might be looking for the “Papers” link in the upper right corner.

Since our old server, turing, is mostly now retired, I am no longer using my old email address at If you want to email me, any email address you have for me which is not at should work just fine; asalch at math dot wayne dot edu, for example.

My office is room 1207 on the first floor of F/AB, right across the hall from the Math Resource Center (the math help room).