The last day of our institute! Prof. Krysta Ryzewski gave us a talk on the history of the new and old Chinatown in Detroit. She dug into a large amount of archaeological and historical evidence and documents to led us step-by-step into the past of the land now is today’s Detroit. Her talk is also a great supplement to our Chinatown tour that we took last week.

And then we had the last reception, ready to say to goodbye to the friends we newly made and shared our experiences of the two-week program:

Last but not least, our institute ended with the talk by Prof. Morgan. She explained to us how space is understood in physics from quantum physics to astrophysics. While we have been advocatin interdisciplinary collaboration among the humanitiests and social scientists, insights provided by natural scientists opened another window for us into the understanding of human existence in space, around us and beyond.

Thank you! 谢谢! We feel greatly indebted to the generous and warm help from our sponsors, our guides and assistants, and the lively and enthusiastic attendance of our audience. We hope the coming together of the scholars, students, local residents, and visitors from afar will continue. We are pleased to see that our institute has offered some new perspective and new experience for cross -cultural, -discipline, and -geographical boundary communication. See you again soon, friends!

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