electronic Algebraic Topology Employment Network

As a service to those who are seeking employment and to those who are offering employment, we are planning an online networking event on Thursday October 15 and Thursday October 22.  People with interests in algebraic topology and related fields are welcome to present.

Here’s how the event will work.  Presenters will submit 5-10 minute videos that describe their research.  These are like video versions of research statements.  The videos will be posted on the Junior Mathematician Research Archive (JMRA). Prior to the event, potential employers (and other interested participants) will have about one week to view these videos.

The live event will take place on Zoom on Thursday October 15 and Thursday October 22 [Note: this is rescheduled from the original date October 8].  Each presenter will have an individual breakout room.  Participants will be able to move themselves between breakout rooms in order to meet with presenters and to discuss their research.

Here is the Zoom link for all sessions.
Meeting ID: 945 8025 0368
Passcode: eATEN


Applications for presenters are due on Tuesday September 8.  Organizers will notify applicants about the status of their applications by Tuesday September 15.  Video research summaries must be submitted to JMRA by Friday September 25, and they will be posted by Thursday October 1.

Due to high demand, we are scheduling additional live sessions.  The tentative schedule of events is (all times Eastern):

Thursday October 15
12:00-12:45: First session: Anna Cepek, Clover May, Tasos Moulinos, Paul VanKoughnett, Richard Wong
12:45-1:15: Coffee break, with small group conversations in breakout rooms
1:15-2:00: Second session: Michael Harrison, Viktoriya Ozornova, Martin Speirs, Maru Sarazola, Mingcong Zeng 

Thursday October 22
2:00-2:45: Third session: William Balderrama, Prasit Bhattacharya, James Cameron, Hana Jia Kong, Ang Li, Jonathan Rubin
2:45-3:15: Coffee break, with small group conversations in breakout rooms
3:15-4:00: Fourth session: Eva Belmont, John Berman, Calista Bernard, Christopher Lloyd, Apurva Nakade, Nikolas Schonsheck

These times are subject to change.


Dan Isaksen, Dan Dugger, Christy Hazel.


Special thanks to the Junior Mathematician Research Archive (JMRA) for hosting the video research summaries for this event.