eCHT Kan Seminar


The eCHT Kan seminar is an online graduate student seminar in algebraic topology, modeled after the “Kan seminar” at MIT.  In this seminar, students will

  • Read and assimilate information from research papers in algebraic topology.
  • Present the contents of these papers in an online seminar format.
  • Discuss these papers with other participants.

A Kan seminar in category theory was previously organized by Emily Riehl in 2014 and again in 2017.

Student Expectations

Students will take turns giving presentations on the contents of research papers. Students are expected to attend all presentations.

Students may select papers that match their particular mathematical interests; some possibilities are listed on the seminar webpage. In general, papers should be chosen for the significance of their contents and also for their expository quality.

Some suggested papers (from Dan Isaksen, John Klein, and Andrew Salch)
More suggested papers (from Mark Behrens and Haynes Miller)

Over the course of the semester, each student will give an hour-long presentation via Zoom. The presentation can be made using Beamer slides or screen capture software. For examples, see recordings of recent eCHT presentations.

Students must skim the paper being presented each week and post a response (at least one paragraph) in the private seminar workspace prior to that week’s talk. These responses can include comments and questions about the mathematical content of the paper, as well as how the paper fits into their understanding of the subject. The shared online workspace will also serve as a forum where students can ask questions as they prepare for their presentations.

Students are encouraged to obtain independent study credit from their home universities for their participation in the eCHT Kan seminar, but this is not required.


The electronic Kan seminar is running by J.D. Quigley (Cornell University) and assisted by Hana Jia Kong (University of Chicago).  Contact either of us for more information.


The application for Autumn 2019 eCHT Kan seminar has been closed.


There will be an organizing meeting on Thursday, August 29. After that, the seminar meets regularly at 10:00 am Eastern time on Tuesdays, starting 3 September 2019 and ending 3 December 2019.