Group News

06/03/2020 Congratulations to Hewa and Dr. Geng for their paper “Reversible Electrochemical Gelation of Metal Chalcogenide Quantum Dots,” accepted by JACS! It is a collaboration project with the Brock group at Wayne State University and the Zhang group at Tsinghua University in Beijing.

05/29/2020 Congratulations to Sachini! She is now a Ph.D. candidate in our lab.

05/07/2020  Congratulations Sachini! She received the 2020-2021 Graduate Student Professional Travel Award!

05/04/2020 Congratulations Ruchi for receiving prestigious Rumble Fellowship from Wayne State University Graduate School!

04/29/2020 ACS Catalysis just accepted our collaborative work with Nguyen Lab. The title of the paper is “Diastereoselective sp3 C-O Bond Formation via Visible Light-Induced, Copper-Catalyzed Cross Couplings of Glycosyl Bromides with Aliphatic Alcohols.”

04/28/2020 Our review paper, “Electrochemistry of Nanobubbles” was accepted by Current Opinion in Electrochemistry.

03/10/2020 Luo lab hosted a STEM day event – “The Science of Paper.”

03/06/2020 Congrats to Ruchiranga on his receiving the Competitive Graduate Research Assistantship from the University!

03/03/2020 Sachini and Hewa presented at the Wayne State Graduate and Postdoctoral Research Symposium.

02/10/2020 Dr. Luo hosted Dr. Lin Guo, the Executive Dean of the School of Chemistry from his alma mater, Beihang University.

01/08/2020 Dr. Luo received the NSF CAREER award! Congratulations Dr. Luo!

12/24/2019 Our Ph.D. student Ruchiranga is featured on the Wayne state Billboard on I75!

12/16/2019 Dr. Shizhong joined the group as a visiting scholar. Welcome to the Luo group!

12/10/2019 Our research work on lowering interfacial dissolved gas concentration for highly efficient hydrazine oxidation at platinum by fluorosurfactant modulation made the cover of ChemElectroChem!

11/19/2019 Enjoying our annual group lunch. Saying goodbye to Yue and hello to Daohua and Yanick!!!!

11/19/2019 Our research work on PFAS preconcentration via electrochemical aerosol formation made the cover of Analytical Chemistry!

11/14/2019 Our paper, “Lowering interfacial dissolved gas concentration for highly efficient hydrazine oxidation at platinum by fluorosurfactant modulation” has been accepted by ChemElectroChem.

09/27/2019 Celebrating Yue’s paper publication with the last bbq of the year. Congratulations again Yue!

09/25/2019 Congratulations to Hewa ! His collaborative work with Verani Lab was just accepted by Chemistry-A European Journal. The title of the paper is “A Molecular Approach for Mitigation of Aluminum Pitting based on Films of Zinc(II) and Gallium(III) Metallosurfactants”.

09/24/2019 Dr. Luo was appointed as a Langmuir Early Career Advisory Board Member.

09/17/2019 Our paper “1000-Fold Preconcentration of Per- and Polyfluorinated Alkyl Substances (PFAS) within 10 min via Electrochemical Aerosol Formation” was published in Analytical Chemistry. Congratulations Yue!

09/10/2019 Dr. Luo hosted the analytical seminar speaker, Dr. Robbyn Anand from Iowa State University.

07/10/2019 Our work on surfactant quantification has been highlighted in a post on

06/18/2019 Our research work on bubble nucleation made the cover of Analytical Chemistry!

06/14/2019 After a long winter and a brief spring, it’s finally time for a lab BBQ! Luo lab at Belle Isle.

06/12/2019 Nature Nanotechnology recently highlighted our work on surfactant quantification. Click here to read the article.

05/21/2019 Dr. Luo had a meeting with Dr. Aaron Fisher at the Water Research Foundation. Thanks for your interest in our PFAS detection technology!

05/14/2019 C&EN News has posted an article on our recently published work.

04/27/2019 Luo lab is celebrating earth week with Everyday Science for Kids.

04/26/2019 Dr. Luo and Yue visited Ann Arbor Water Treatment Plant to collect water samples for research. Special thanks to Sarah Page for hosting.

04/26/2019 Our paper “Bubble Nucleation-Based Method for the Selective and Sensitive Electrochemical Detection of Surfactants.” was published in Analytical Chemistry.

04/24/2019 French journalism student at Wayne State University wrote a story about our PFAS-related research. Watch the interview on YouTube.

04/22/2019 Congratulations to Kelly Patero for receiving the James C. French Endowed Undergraduate Chemistry Scholarship.

04/22/2019 Congratulations to Disni on receiving Graduate School Citation for Excellence in Teaching and congratulations to Hewa on receiving the Departmental Citation for Excellence in Teaching.

04/15/2019 Dr. Luo hosted high school students from Madison Preparatory High School at Wayne State University, Department of Chemistry.

04/11/2019 Congratulations to Ruchiranga. He received the 2019-2020 Graduate Student Professional Travel Award.

04/11/2019 Congratulations to Disni! She has received the prestigious Rumble Fellowship from the Graduate School!

04/05/2019 Congratulations to Dr. Luo on his young professional and early career travel grant from the Electrochemical Society to attend the 235th ECS meeting.

04/03/2019 Congratulations to Hewa! He is now a Ph.D. candidate in our lab.

03/28/2019 Congratulations to Ruchiranga! He is now a Ph.D. candidate in our lab.

03/27/2019 Luo lab is among the three labs who received the Wayne State University, Research Grant! Thank you to the university for the support.

03/19/2019 Our invited feature article “Gas Bubbles in Electrochemical Gas Evolution Reactions” was published in Langmuir

03/12/2019 Dr. Luo had a meeting with the founder of everyday science for kids.

03/04/2019 Congratulations to Disni! She now is the first Ph.D. candidate in our lab.

02/26/2019 Dr. Luo had dinner with Dr. Potyrailo from GE Global Research and the Mao group.

02/18/2019 Dr. Luo hosted the frontiers seminar speaker, Professor Shelley D. Minteer, University of Utah.

02/13/2019 Dr. Luo delivered a talk on “Fundamentals and Applications of Gas Bubble Electronucleation” in the Department of Chemistry, Oakland University.

02/04/2019 Dr. Luo delivered a talk hosted by Prof. Steven Backues in the Department of Chemistry, Eastern Michigan University.

01/29/2019 Our research work was highlighted on the back cover of the newest issue of RSC Chemical Communications.

01/26/2019 Our group members reunion in Shanghai, China.

01/25/2019 Luo Lab’s second science show at PRECISE bubble tea shop in Great Lakes Crossing Outlets.

01/16/2019 Our paper “A Mass Transfer-Based Method for Controlled Electrosynthesis and Organization of Tetrathiafulvalene Bromide Micro/Nanowires” was published in the Journal of the Electrochemical Society. Congratulations to Disni!

12/14/2018 Luo Lab presented a science show at PRECISE bubble tea shop in Great Lakes Crossing Outlets.

12/12/2018 Luo Lab will present a science show at PRECISE bubble tea shop in Great Lakes Crossing Outlets to acknowledge the general public about bubble chemistry.

12/10/2018 Our paper “Highly efficient hydrogen evolution of platinum via tuning interfacial dissolved-gas concentration” was published in Chemical Communications.

11/28/2018 We welcome Sachini Rodrigo, a new graduate student, to our group.

11/17/2018 Dr. Luo delivered a talk, and Disni presented a poster at the midwestern universities analytical chemistry conference (MUACC).

11/06/2018 Dr. Luo hosted the frontiers seminar speaker, Dr. Shanlin Pan, University of Alabama.

08/22/2018 Dr. Luo gave a talk at the ACS National Meeting in Boston.

07/29/2018 Best wishes to Srihari Ganesh for completing the summer research successfully in our lab. We wish you good luck in your future endeavors.

07/03/2018 We welcome Srihari Ganesh, a new high school research student, to our group for summer research.

06/15/2018 We welcome Carina Ghafari, a new undergraduate research student, to our group for summer research.

06/13/2018 Our paper “Hydrogen Bubble Formation at Hydrogen-Insertion Electrodes” was published in Journal of Physical Chemistry C.

04/30/2018 Dr. Xu Zhao is joining us as a postdoc this summer. Welcome to the Luo group!

04/24/2018 Our paper “Experimental and Theoretical Structural Investigation of AuPt Nanoparticles Synthesized using a Direct Electrochemical Method” was published in JACS.

04/23/2018 Kelly Shaye Patero, an undergrad from our lab has been awarded a Chemistry Undergraduate Scholarship for her academic excellence. Congratulations Kelly!

03/23/2018 The first paper of our group “Correlation between Gas Bubble Formation and Hydrogen Evolution Reaction Kinetics at Nanoelectrodes“ was published in Langmuir. Congrats to Qianjin!

03/09/2018 Our paper “Colorimetric Sensor Array for Discrimination of Heavy Metal Ions in Aqueous Solution Based on Three Kinds of Thiols as Receptors” is accepted by Analytical Chemistry.

03/05/2018 Dr. Luo hosted the frontiers seminar speaker, professor Bo Zhang, from the University of Washington.

02/08/2018 Our paper “Shape-controlled electrodeposition of single Pt nanocrystals onto carbon nanoelectrodes” was published in Faraday Discussions.

01/31/2018 Dr.Luo visited the BASF Ovonic Battery site and gave a talk. Ovonic Battery is the global leader in NiMH battery technology. Special thanks to Dr.Young for giving us the book edited by him about Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries.

01/11/2018 Dr. Luo gave a poster at electrochemistry Gordon conference in Ventura.

01/11/2018 Our paper “Oxygen Reduction Reaction on Classically Immiscible Bimetallics: A Case Study of RhAu” was published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry C.

12/16/2017 Dr.Luo gave a talk at the Young Investigator Forum on Chemical Measurement in Beijing.

12/14/2017 Dr.Luo delivered a talk at Beijing Jiaotong University.

12/10/2017 Dr.Luo gave a talk at the Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

11/28/2017 Representing Luo group at the Electrochemical Society Regional Meeting – The Detroit Section.

10/24/2017 Dr. Luo hosted the analytical seminar speaker, Dr. Joaquin Rodriguez Lopez, from UIUC.


09/25/2017 Our paper “Structural characterization of Rh and RhAu dendrimer-encapsulated nanoparticles” was published in Langmuir.

09/20/2017 Our new Shimadzu GC arrived!

08/09/2017 Dr. Qianjin Chen joined the group as a postdoc. Welcome!

07/10/2017 Prof. Luo received the Ebbing Faculty Development Award from Wayne State University to support his research. Thanks to Dr. Darrell Ebbing for establishing this award!

04/07/2017 Prof. Luo’s most recent paper “Tunability of the Adsorbate Binding on Bimetallic Alloy Nanoparticles for the Optimization of Catalytic Hydrogenation” was published in JACS.

03/01/2017 Prof. Luo presented a poster at the recruiting weekend at Wayne State.

02/27/2017 The lab space is ready for move-in.​

02/2017 Prof. Luo officially accepted the offer from Department of Chemistry at Wayne State.