Teaching Training

Teaching Mathematics in College (Fall 2016, Wayne State University): A semester-long course focusing on presentation, test-writing, grading, classroom management, and use of technology.

B.S. in Education with 2 three-month internships at Trung Vuong high school and Tay Son high School.

Teaching Experience

Courses taught with full responsibility:

  • Winter 2019: Calculus 1, 4 credits.

  • Spring/ Summer 2018: MAT 1800 (Elementary Functions), 4 credits; Evaluations SS2018

  • Winter 2018: MAT 1050 (Algebra with Trigonometry), 5 credits; Evaluations W2018

  • Fall 2017: MAT 1050 (Algebra with Trigonometry), 5 credits; Evaluations F1050


Rate my Professors: Nguyen-Truc-Dao Nguyen 

Summary Report: http://set.wayne.edu/studentview/Instrsummary.aspx?accessid=gc9683