I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics at Wayne State University. My areas of research are algebra, number theory and algebraic geometry.

In my work I develop geometric tools to study classical and p-adic modular forms, modular forms of half-integral weight, harmonic Maass forms and vector-valued modular forms.

Since moving to Wayne State, I have also been dabbling in topological modular forms with Andrew Salch.

I am currently working on developing arithmetic and geometric tools to study modular tensor categories. I find the applications of modular tensor categories to topological quantum computing interesting, and this semester I will be teaching an ‘Introduction to Quantum Computing’ course together with Alex Matos Abiague in the Physics Department.

This semester (Fall 2019) I am also running an undergraduate research program in algebraic geometry and quantum information theory.

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Here is my CV.

My email is candelori@wayne.edu.