eCHT Reading Seminar on THH


The eCHT THH seminar is an online graduate student seminar in Winter/Spring 2020. The main topic of the seminar is topological Hochschild homology. Participants in this seminar will

  • Read assigned material before each weekly online presentation.
  • Take turns giving online presentations.
  • Discuss the material with other participants.

The similarly structured eCHT Kan seminar was held in Fall 2019.

Student Expectations

The main references for this seminar are:

The reading seminar is mostly based on the first reference, while the second reference provides a grand picture of algebraic K-theory.

Students will take turns giving one-hour presentations via Zoom on assigned topics.  The presentation schedule will be assigned at the first meeting.  Students are expected to attend all presentations.

There are two common ways of giving a presentation:

For more examples, see recordings of recent eCHT presentations.

Students must read the material being presented each week and post a response (at least one paragraph) in the private seminar workspace prior to that week’s talk. These responses can include comments and questions about the mathematical content of the material, as well as how the material fits into the topic of this seminar. The shared online workspace will also serve as a forum where students can ask questions as they prepare for their presentations.

Students are encouraged to obtain independent study credit from their home universities for their participation in the seminar, but this is not required.


The eCHT THH seminar is organized by Mingcong Zeng (Utrecht University) and assisted by Hana Jia Kong (University of Chicago).  Contact either organizer for more information.


The application for eCHT THH reading seminar has been closed.


The seminar meets on Tuesdays at 10:30-11:30am eastern time, starting on Tuesday January 21 and ending on Tuesday April 14.