Hope to see you at many of our events:

7.1 (Mon) 5-6:30 in 408 Manoogian: Migration, Education, and Space (by Prof. Min Yu, dinner will be served)
                   6:30-8:00 in 408 Manoogian: movie: Detroit 48202
7.2 (Tue) 5-6:30 in 408 Manoogian: Space and Direction in Language (by Prof. Haiyong Liu, dinner will be served)
                 7-9 in 385 Manoogian: Dialogue between Detroit and Shenyang residents, open: https://zoom.us/j/346153886 on your browser to participate
7.3 (Wed.) 5-6:30 in 408 Manoogian: Controlling the Military Space in China (by Prof. Yumin Sheng)
7.4 (Thurs. Independence Day Break)
7.5 (Fri.) 5:00-6:30 in Bernath Auditorium at the Undergraduate Library: Chinese Garden – inspiration and recreation (by Keynote Speaker, Prof. Hui-shu Lee)
7.6 (Sat.) 11:30-1PM in Bernath Auditorium at UGL: Urban Historical Archaeology in Detroit: documenting the city’s ethnic layers and erasures (by Prof. Krysta Ryzewski)
                  1-2 in Community Room (third floor of UGL): lunch reception
                  2-3:30 in Bernath Auditorium at UGL: Contributions from Physics to our Understanding and Experience of Space (by Keynote Speaker, Prof. Caroline Morgan)