What’s New in the Greenberg Lab?


Publication Alert: Research article entitled, “Cardiolipin-deficient cells have decreased levels of the iron-sulfur biogenesis protein frataxin” is accepted for publication in The Journal of Biological Chemistry!



Publication Alert: Research article entitled, “Valproate inhibits mitochondrial bioenergetics and increases glycolysis in Saccharomyces cerevisiae” is accepted for publication in Scientific Reports!



PhD candidate Kendall Case is awarded a predoctoral fellowship through the Detroit Cardiovascular Training Program (DCTP) at Wayne State! The DCTP is a highly competitive, NIH-funded program that provides support for accomplished graduate students conducting cardiovascular research across the Wayne State campus. In addition to research, the program also aims to stimulate economic growth through fostering innovative translational approaches to treating cardiovascular disease. Kendall’s meticulous nature and persistence in pursuing his current project, which seeks to uncover the regulatory mechanism(s) governing activity of the inositol biosynthetic enzyme MIPS, make him an ideal recipient of this fellowship. Congratulations Kendall!




Alumni News: Lab alumnus Dr. Amit Joshi accepts a new position as an assistant professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Cellular and Molecular Biology at the University of Tennessee – Knoxville! Dr. Joshi’s new laboratory will officially open in January 2021, where research will focus on understanding organelle biogenesis at specialized subdomains of the endoplasmic reticulum.




PhD candidate Mahmoud Suliman is awarded the Wayne State University Thomas C. Rumble Fellowship for the 2020-2021 academic year! This fellowship, awarded to upper-level PhD students, provides stipend support for a full academic year to candidates with a strong research background that are looking to further develop their professional skills. Congratulations Mahmoud!



Alumni News: Greenberg lab alumni are conducting innovative, life-saving research throughout the world! Dr. Vishal Gohil (Associate Professor, Texas A&M University) was recently awarded $50,000 in funding from the Barth Syndrome Foundation to investigate the role of cardiolipin maturation (which is defective in Barth syndrome patients) in mitochondrial calcium import and subsequent energy production. This project seeks to identify a molecular mechanism linking the hallmark of Barth syndrome (deficient cardiolipin remodeling) to mitochondrial energy production through calcium homeostasis. Understanding the basis for these cellular effects may identify new strategies for treating Barth patients that struggle with severe exercise intolerance and muscle weakness. Learn more about Dr. Gohil’s research here.



The Greenberg Lab’s latest research grant is featured on Today@Wayne! Read the article here.



The lab is awarded funding from the National Institutes of Health for Dr. Greenberg’s R01 grant proposal entitled, “The Role of Cardiolipin in the TCA Cycle: Implications for Barth Syndrome“! This is a four year grant through the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute that extends until the end of the 2023 calendar year. Read more about the project proposal here.




Happy Holidays from the Greenberg Lab! The team celebrates a productive lab retreat and an abundantly successful year of research with a Moroccan dinner at Saffron De Twah in Detroit!




PhD student Zhuqing Liang is awarded a predoctoral fellowship from the American Heart Association for her research project titled “Frataxin deficiency in cardiolipin-deficient cells leads to defective Fe-S biogenesis”! Zhuqing’s proposal received an outstanding percentile ranking of 0.12%!



2019 Pre-Thanksgiving Lab Get-Together


Mahmoud Suliman is awarded the WSU Eugene V. Perrin Fellowship in Science and Peace. This fellowship is granted annually to a graduate or medical student in the sciences whose research pertains to problem solving on issues of health, the environment, human welfare, or peace. In his application, Mahmoud outlined his vision of how science can be a powerful tool for building bridges and promoting peace among nations. Congratulations Mahmoud!



PhD candidate Mahmoud Suliman is selected to receive the Stanley Ellis PhD Endowed Memorial Graduate Research Award! This award is granted to Wayne State PhD trainees in the final years of their research as supplemental funding for attending conferences in their discipline.



PhD candidate Kendall Case delivers a talk at the 2019 WSU Chemistry Biology Interface Research Symposium. Kendall’s talk, entitled  “A unifying hypothesis for mood stabilization”, outlines a connection between two competing theories to explain the mechanism of action for drugs used to treat bipolar disorder; the inositol depletion hypothesis and the GSK3 inhibition hypothesis.



Undergraduate student Kerestin Aziz is awarded funding from the Wayne State Office of the Provost for her Undergraduate Research Project proposal entitled, “Valproate mediates its therapeutic effect in bipolar disorder through activation of AMPK in neural cells”. Kerestin was one of only three undergraduate students from the Biological Sciences Department to be selected for this prestigious award! Since joining the lab in fall of 2018, Kerestin has become an integral contributor on multiple projects.



Previous lab publication “Genetic re-engineering of polyunsaturated phospholipid profile of Saccharomyces cerevisiae identifies a novel role for Cld1 in mitigating the effects of cardiolipin peroxidation” is selected for inclusion in the BBA Collection on Cellular Aging and Senescence!



The lab hosts patients and families from around the midwest for the first ever Wayne State Barth Syndrome Outreach Day! During this event, families had the opportunity to see firsthand how Barth research is done in the lab, including measurements of protein levels, mitochondrial oxygen consumption, and cell viability. Wayne State is unique in having three different labs, including those of Dr. Christian Reynolds and Dr. R.J. Wessells, using three different model systems to study this disorder.

Be sure to check out our photos page for more pictures from this event!



Michael Salsaa defends his PhD dissertation entitled, “Perturbation of energy metabolism at the center of the mechanism of action of valproate”! Congratulations Dr. Salsaa!



Graduate student Mahmoud Suliman passes his prospectus defense to become a PhD candidate!



The Greenberg lab celebrates summer with family, friends, and alumni at our annual summer party!


Publication Alert: Research article entitled, “Cardiolipin-induced activation of pyruvate dehydrogenase links mitochondrial lipid biosynthesis to TCA cycle function” is accepted for publication in the Journal of Biological Chemistry!



Lab members joined together with others from around the Wayne State/Metro Detroit area to participate in the 2019 American Heart Association’s Heart & Stroke Walk.


The Greenberg lab participates in the 6th annual Lipids@Wayne symposium – “Focus on the Future”.

PhD candidate Michael Salsaa was selected to give an oral presentation on his research titled “Cardiolipin-deficient cells depend on anaplerotic pathways to ameliorate defective TCA cycle function”!

PhD candidate Jiajia Ji was awarded first place for her poster titled “Cardiolipin-deficient cells require NAD generated by fermentation”!


The lab is awarded funding from the Barth Syndrome Foundation for the 2018 grant cycle for a project entitled “Supplementation of critical metabolites improves TCA cycle function and viability of tafazzin-deficient cells”. Learn more about this project by clicking the image below!


Publication Alert: The Greenberg lab celebrates its first journal publication of 2019 entitled, “Cardiolipin-deficient cells depend on anaplerotic pathways to ameliorate defective TCA cycle function”.



Publication Alert: Review chapter entitled, “Regulation of Inositol Biosynthesis: Balancing Health and Pathophysiology” is accepted for publication in the Springer Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology! Congratulations to co-first authors Kendall Case, Michael Salsaa, and Dr. Wenxi Yu!